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If you are looking to improve your dental aesthetics by means of dental veneers in Madrid, we offer you a totally reliable and safe solution at Clínica Dental Navarro Madrid.

We will offer you a wide variety of options for your specific situation, and at a price well below the quality of service, as we are one of the most prestigious clinics in Madrid, but within your reach thanks to the financing options we offer.

At Clínica Dental Navarro Madrid we carry out a previous study of the patient, in order to offer the best solution in each case. We will always show the possible final situation according to the patient’s mouth so that he can see the previous result and give his opinion on it.

We must remember that many veneer treatments are part of multidisciplinary treatments such as orthodontics and periodontics.


A veneer is a sheet of porcelain that is placed over the tooth to mask malpositions, colors and unwanted shapes of the teeth.

The thickness of the veneer will depend on the position and color of the tooth, the darker this thickness will be needed to hide it. We will always seek to whiten the teeth previously and reposition them so that our veneers are always as thin as possible as they will be much more aesthetic.

Not in all cases the veneers may be applied. A previous study by the specialist will be necessary in order to select the best option for each case.

Oral health should first be sought before aesthetics because many times we care about aesthetics before health, so placing a dental veneer in an unhealthy mouth will be a mistake because these should be the end of all treatment once the patient has gone through orthodontics and periodontics to find the perfect smile the patient is looking for.

Veneers are normally used in situations of dental size, small teeth, spaces between teeth, problems with color, fractures and wear.

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GOOD ACCESS TO OUR CLINICS.We give you two options to enjoy our services. Either in our dental clinic in the centre of Madrid, or in our dental clinic in Becerril de la Sierra.

SATISFACTION: Our clients always end up satisfied with the result of our work, which helps other people with their search who need us to solve their health problems and dental aesthetics.

EXPERIENCE: We are specialists in dental health in Madrid, we have a large number of clients and we have extensive experience in a wide variety of clinical cases with dental implants.

WE FINANCE your dental treatment with amazing custom payment facilities. A new financing plan for our patients that will allow you to pay for your treatments in convenient installments.

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