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Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a tool developed by a dentist and laboratory technician, Dr. Christian Coachman in 2007. He has two visions, both for the patient as well as for the dentist and prosthetist. Its use is focused on treatment and treatment planning in dental aesthetics. It improves communication with the patient and prosthetist, increases predictability over time as without any treatment, both patient and dentist can visualize and create the patient’s smile.

Based on the analysis of dental and facial proportions through videos and photos we can find the perfect harmony between all the components of the mouth (teeth, gums, lips) to find between all of them the right proportion for a beautiful smile of the patient.

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Being a digital design the patient will be able to see on the computer the whole creation of his smile and can intervene in it, looking for the form and color he likes most within his possibilities. So the patient will be able to see the results before starting treatment.

The Digital Smile Design provides greater patient confidence, more security, the possibility of personalization, pre-visualization of the treatment and better results.

Digital Smile Design helps both the dentist and the patient, as well as the laboratory technician.

  • It helps and improves the planning of the design and aesthetics of the smile.
  • It improves dentist-patient communication as both are part of the design process.
  • It unites an interdisciplinary dental team for the development of smile creation since the Dsd needs an interdisciplinary approach.
diseño de sonrisa visto en monitor de ordenador
antes y después del DSD
antes y después diseño de sonrisa en Madrid
Fotos de antes y después de tratamiento de Diseño de Sonrisa
Caso práctico de uso de Diseño de Sonrisa con fotos de antes y después del paciente


At DSD, the patient’s level of satisfaction is higher than that of any other aesthetic dental treatment. Why? Because the patient sees at all times that the result is going to be obtained through previews that we obtain by studying the case with the help of a computer.

The proportions, every centimetre, every tooth, the colour, etc. everything is measured with total precision so that you can enjoy the smile you have always dreamed of. With Smile Design we can make it happen.

Our patients already enjoy very appreciable results thanks to the technology used in DSD.

We have decided to create a spectacular video to show in a very graphic way how the smile design works, giving as an example one of our success stories.

The opinion of the patient is key in the search for the smile he desires to obtain In the video we see how this synergy between professional and patient is constantly manifested so that with the digital smile design the results are optimal.

If what you want is a personalized treatment and completely satisfactory results with all kinds of details prior to the treatment to be performed, doctors Gonzalo Navarro, Jorge Valdés and Andreea Cosic await you with open arms at CLÍNICA DENTAL NAVARRO What are you waiting for?

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