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Are you unhappy with the colour of your teeth? Have you thought about teeth whitening to improve your dental aesthetics? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Clínica Dental Navarro Madrid is the perfect place to carry out your dental whitening treatment.

We will advise you to offer you the latest techniques and those that best suit your specific case. Our professional dentists have a great reputation, so we can offer high quality services at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for your teeth whitening!


Tooth whitening consists of the application of whitening gels composed of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, which release oxygen and produce a whitening effect.

For at-home teeth whitening treatment the patient will use an individual custom-made tray with a whitening gel. The dentist determines the weeks and hours to wear daily.

To speed up the process, it can be combined with in-clinic treatments in which the dentist, after isolating the gum, applies a concentrated whitening gel on the tooth surface that is activated by light and heat.

In our dental clinic in Madrid, we are specialists in this type of treatment. Ask us for information without obligation!


EXPERIENCE: We are specialists in dental health in Madrid, we have a large number of clients and we have extensive experience in a wide variety of clinical cases with dental implants.

WE FINANCE your dental treatment with amazing custom payment facilities. A new financing plan for our patients that will allow you to pay for your treatments in convenient installments.

SATISFACTION: Our clients always end up satisfied with the result of our work, which helps other people with their search who need us to solve their health problems and dental aesthetics.

GOOD ACCESS TO OUR CLINICS.We give you two options to enjoy our services. Either in our dental clinic in the centre of Madrid, or in our dental clinic in Becerril de la Sierra.

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